“Install Now” or “Remind Me Later”: The importance of Software Updates

Don’t ignore the software update popups. Keeping software and operating systems up to dates is one of the most important things you can do to prevent problems and maintain the health of your computer. Software updates are also known as Patches or Service Packs and generally are simply installed over top of the existing software, not requiring you to uninstall anything.

10 STEPS to the Cloud

Moving your RIA firm to the cloud means eliminating the need for onsite servers, having a single password login for everything, flexibility to work anywhere, and the security of built-in compliance. But first you have to get there. This infographic summarizes RIA WorkSpace’s smooth migration process to get you to the cloud and all the benefits it offers. Need more information, download our whitepaper 10 Steps to the Cloud at

Is your RIA’s Internet Usage Policy Working?

The internet is an essential tool for RIA firms. There is no debating that fact. There is some debate however over whether or not the internet makes employees more or less productive. News stories tell us about all the time employees waste on social media sites while they should be working.

What keeps an RIA firm’s “IT Guy” busy?

We’ve all seen our fair share of IT guys (and gals) come and go. Sometimes, a qualified IT professional is the hardest person on staff to keep. Eventually, the day-to-day doldrums of resetting forgotten passwords, retrieving accidentally deleted files, and well let’s face it – unjamming the printer, turns what might have started as a dream job into a jumping off point for something bigger and better somewhere else.

Company device or employee device? BYOD pros and cons.

It’s called BYOD or Bring-Your-Own-Device and many companies, including RIAs, are well down that road. In fact, Tech Pro Research’s most recent study Wearables, BYOD and loT: Current and Future Plans in the Enterprise shows us that 74% of the companies they surveyed either currently let their employees use their own devices for work or plan to within the next 12 months.