10 myths about moving your RIA to the cloud


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10 myths about moving your RIA to the cloud

What RIAs really need to know about the cloud

This eGuide from Microsoft, dispels some common myths RIAs have about the cloud and Office 365. It’s not simply a version of Office that’s accessed from a browser. It’s a really powerful tool that can make your RIA more agile and help you reduce costs. In fact, the Microsoft cloud helps power the cloud platform we’ve built for RIAs.
Take some time to download the guide and learn more about these common myths:
Myth 1: Office 365 is just Office tools in the cloud, and we can only use them online.
FACT: Office 365 is the Office you already know, plus productivity tools that will help you work more efficiently.
Myth 2: If our data move to the cloud, we will no longer have control over our technology.
FACT: You still have total control over your technology, but your IT department won’t have to worry about constant update.
Myth 3: Keeping data on-premises is safer than storing it in the cloud.
FACT: Security and uptime come standard with Office 365 in the cloud.
Myth 4: I have to move everything to the cloud. It is an all-or-nothing scenario.
FACT: You can move to the cloud at your own pace (in fact many RIAs do), or use a hybrid cloud approach.
Myth 5: Cloud migration is too much for my RIA to handle.
FACT: We’re here to help every step of the way and we’re familiar with your industry and needs.
Myth 6: Corporate spies, cyber thieves, and governments will have access to my data if it’s in the cloud.
FACT: It’s your data. Not anyone else’s.
Myth 7: We have to learn all new tools to manage SharePoint Online.
FACT: SharePoint Online abstracts maintains the infrastructure, without changing anything else.
Myth 8: Skype and Skype for Business are one and the same.
FACT: Skype for Business is your link to hosting productive meetings, not just phone calls.
Myth 9: Email isn’t any simpler in the cloud.
FACT: With automatic updates, you don’t have to worry about email downtime.
Myth 10: Continuously updating Office 365 will break my critical business applications.
FACT: Office 365 updates won’t negatively impact your existing applications.