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When faced with the worst-case scenario, make sure your RIA or financial advisory firm is prepared.

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With the help of RIA WorkSpace, you’ll never be caught off guard

Although often overlooked, business continuity is an essential part of any RIA or financial advisory firm’s success, as it assures you’ll meet the wealth management needs of your clients no matter the situation. Unfortunately, many small- to medium-sized RIA and financial advisory firms are not able to bounce back after even the smallest interruption to their operations. At RIA WorkSpace, we understand how critical an RIA business continuity plan is, which is why this is built into our platform. In the event of a disaster, we make sure your network can be brought back online swiftly so you can get back to work without delay. RIA and financial advisory firms that choose to partner with us can rest easy knowing that their data is constantly backed up and can be restored rapidly should any problem arise.

Is your organization asking these types of questions?

RIA WorkSpace’s built-in business continuity and disaster recovery solution gets you up and running swiftly after downtime

Our backup and recovery solution is convenient and cost effective. With business continuity and disaster recovery built into our platform, the burden of worrying about these issues is not only taken off your shoulders, but you’ll also benefit from not having to pay a third-party tool to back up your Microsoft platform. RIA WorkSpace provides scheduled backups of your data, ensuring you will be able to recover your wealth management services quickly and easily when disaster strikes. We make sure you’re never caught off guard.

How you will benefit:

Taking control of your business continuity is easy

When disaster strikes, know you’re in safe hands with RIA WorkSpace.
No matter the problem, our solutions will get you back on track in minutes.


Discovery call

Tell us your technology goals and struggles in an initial conversation. We’ve been providing specialized technology solutions for RIAs and financial advisors since 2007. We understand your challenges and will answer your questions.


Strategic technology plan

We assess your current infrastructure and develop a roadmap to make it more efficient, reliable, and secure. You can hire us to execute this plan or implement it on your own.


Onboarding and progress

We have an efficient and proven transition process. Your new dedicated IT team will start implementing changes on a priority basis with immediate benefits and minimal disruption.

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