From Frustration to Freedom: RIA WorkSpace’s Proactive IT Solutions for a Growing RIA


Case Study

This RIA has 13 employees across multiple locations and a growing number of remote workers.  The Director of Operations found herself overwhelmed with troubleshooting the IT needs of the firm and managing their IT provider.

Before: Problems with their previous MSP

This RIA was working with a managed IT services provider (MSP) who did not specialize in RIAs.  As a result, the RIA was treated like every other “small” client and no additional security measures were taken to protect the firms data. 

Poor Customer Service Experience with Previous MSP:

  • The RIA experienced poor customer service with their previous MSP, including unresponsive teams and persistent issues.
  • Limited support and inefficient issue resolution resulted in employee frustration and dissatisfaction.


Time-Consuming Tech Support Management:

  • The Director of Operations was practically acting as an in-house IT person, troubleshooting issues due to a lack of confidence in their previous MSP.
  • Desired an IT team to free up her time for strategic and operational responsibilities.


Inconsistent Support Team and Lack of Visibility:

  • Their previous MSP didn’t provide an assigned team, leading to frustration and inefficiencies when the technician didn’t understand their unique needs or past issues.
  • Difficulty tracking open tickets for various employees, critical due to the number of remote workers.


Disorganized and Inefficient IT:

  • Microsoft licensing was chaotic and inconsistent.
  • They were using OneDrive which didn’t serve their needs and wasn’t managed effectively. Their MSP didn’t recommend alternatives like SharePoint.
  • They wanted a streamlined solution for licensing management and a well-organized file management solution like SharePoint.


Missing Single Sign-On (SSO):

  • They wanted SSO to enhance security and simplify employee access to systems and applications.
  • Their previous MSP didn’t offer this essential feature.


Lack of Confidence in Security and Compliance:

  • The RIA needed a comprehensive solution for employee onboarding and offboarding to minimize security risks.
  • Lack of clarity on SEC IT requirements and concerns about remote employee security.


After: RIA WorkSpace’s assigned team streamlines and simplifies their IT

Improved Customer Service and Responsiveness

  • Employees could now rely on a quick resolution of any issues by the RIA WorkSpace team, freeing the Director of Operations from IT-related tasks.
  • RIA WorkSpace provided an assigned team that includes a Technical Account Manager, Primary Support Engineer, IT Manager, and a Helpdesk. This approach led to a significant improvement in customer service, addressing issues promptly and efficiently.
  • A client portal was introduced for streamlined communication and easy issue tracking.


Microsoft Licensing, SharePoint, and Single-Sign-On:

  • RIA WorkSpace took charge of Microsoft licensing, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Migrated to SharePoint for a well-organized and efficient document management system.
  • – SSO is standard with RIA WorkSpace packages and was implemented during onboarding.  This enhanced their security and simplifying user access.


Improved Security and IT Compliance:

  • RIA WorkSpace streamlined the onboarding and offboarding processes, tying them to Microsoft accounts for swift adjustments.
  • In-depth knowledge of SEC IT requirements ensured compliance.
  • Features like file, email, and Teams archiving, email encryption, data loss prevention, and advanced threat protection for email were all introduced as part of the standard RIA WorkSpace platform.


A look at their IT support today

RIA WorkSpace uses Smileback to capture feedback on each ticket submitted by clients.  Here’s a snapshot of 28 recent reviews and feedback from this RIA’s employees.