10 myths about moving your RIA to the cloud

Free eGuide 10 myths about moving your RIA to the cloud DOWNLOAD THE FULL EGUIDE NOW What RIAs really need to know about the cloud This eGuide from Microsoft, dispels some common myths RIAs have about the cloud and Office 365. It’s not simply a version of Office that’s accessed from a browser. It’s a […]

RIA Case Study: Not all clouds are created equal

Technology shouldn’t limit the success or growth of a business. That’s what the owners of this Chicago-based RIA thought when they started to feel held back by their IT infrastructure. They were in growth mode and needed a better cloud-based solution that could help them achieve their goals. Key challenges Required more reliable backup and […]

Keeping RIAs Safe: Combating cybercrime on an SMB budget

When security breaches happen on a large scale to big businesses, it makes headlines. Yet little is mentioned when cybercrime hits small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). Very few people are aware that today’s cybercriminals are targeting smaller organizations, not just supersized global businesses. The whitepaper covers the following: Why everyone is a victim when […]

What attacks aren’t you seeing?

What attacks aren’t you seeing? What attacks aren’t you seeing? Why your RIA should consider DNS-layer security as its first line of defense against threats. The RIAs in your firm work anywhere and everywhere now, from co-working spaces and coffee shops to airport lobbies, using innovative devices, apps and cloud services to re-imagine and redefine […]

The RIA’s Guide to IT Support Services and Fees

The RIA’s Guide to IT Support Services and FeesIT security game If your RIA firm is looking for an IT support services firm to take care of your unique tech needs, this guide will equip you with the tools you need to find a competent firm that you can trust. Download the guide to discover: […]

Cyber Security and Cloud Computing for RIAs

If you are the CEO, CCO, or CFO of an RIA firm that is already using cloud computing or mobile devices to allow employees to access company information – or who wants to introduce cloud and mobile computing – then this is a “must attend” event. During this webinar we’ll cover: Cloud and mobile computing […]

Hacker Proof

Excerpt How many passwords do you have? If you’re like most people, you probably have more than 10 and possible closer to 20. How many different systems do you have to log into just to get your day up and running at your RIA firm? It’s hard to remember them all and as a result […]


Excerpt Many small and mid-sized RIA firms don’t have the resources to support all of their IT Infrastructure needs. Research by Gartner suggests that 65% of the IT budgets of SMBs go towards basic, day-to-day tasks. Download our free whitepaper “Outsourcing Isn’t a Dirty Word: Meet Your IT Team’s New Best Friend—Managed Services” to learn […]

BYOD Policy

What’s Inside The purpose of this document is to give a framework to different policies that the RIA WorkSpace clientele can use in their own corporate documentation. These sections should be used as building blocks to begin a series of Standard Operating Procedures that will protect your business and allow for efficiencies in the workplace […]