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Elevate your RIAs’ collaboration and productivity

If you’re seeking ways to enhance collaboration among your staff and require a file storage solution that can be accessed by your team from anywhere, RIA WorkSpace’s expertise in cloud technology can assist you. With our vast experience in deploying cloud solutions for businesses and partnerships with leading vendors, we can deliver top-notch collaboration and file sharing solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs.
We begin by offering a free evaluation of your current IT environment to assess your readiness for cloud adoption. Based on our findings, we’ll recommend suitable cloud platforms and solutions that align with your business objectives. We’ll then install and configure all the necessary software for you to ensure a quick and seamless transition. Following setup, we’ll provide ongoing monitoring, management, and updates to ensure that your new cloud system continues to deliver maximum value to your business.

Boost collaboration and simplify file sharing with RIA WorkSpace’s cloud solutions

With cloud solutions from RIA WorkSpace, you’ll be able to:

Frequently Asked Questions

Secure collaboration can be done with the use of built-in access controls on the Microsoft cloud suite. The system will allow you to grant either authenticated or unauthenticated access to files you wish to share. The best way to maintain control would be to only grant authenticated access to select users. To learn more about this, click here.
Yes, you can. Access controls will allow you to grant and revoke access to anyone at any time.

Yes, they can. Collaborators will also see one another in the document in real time, so they can track each other’s progress and leave comments where needed.

Yes, our package includes Teams setup.

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Strengthen collaboration and improve file sharing for your team

With RIA WorkSpace, your team will be able to finish more tasks, even when they’re out in the field