Real-time collaboration with Microsoft 365

Real-time collaboration with Microsoft 365

In the RIA industry, effective team collaboration dictates success. Teams that work well together are more productive and profitable than lone wolves and fragmented squads. Working with tools that facilitate effective collaboration help maintain high levels of work quality and customer service, which helps RIAs become the sought-after investment advisors they aim to be. This is why many RIAs today turn to the best in the market: Microsoft 365.

“RIAs need to use tools that allow them to collaborate efficiently and in real time. This is why many RIAs today turn to Microsoft 365.”

Improve your RIA experience with the cloud

Microsoft 365’s host of apps and functions is a perfect fit for RIAs seeking to maintain or even raise their productivity levels. RIAs can use these apps to schedule meetings, draft wealth reports, communicate with colleagues, store and manage files, check compliance requirements, and more.

The best part is that Microsoft 365 empowers businesses — even the ones with no experience in cloud computing — to leverage the cloud easily. It looks and feels just like the Microsoft Office apps everyone is familiar with, but with improved integrations with other Microsoft apps and an intuitive interface for using the cloud.

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Collaborate effectively with your peers

On Microsoft 365, you can easily co-edit, co-author, and co-manage files and workspaces with trusted peers. You can choose who you want to share your work with, be they your teammate, your entire team, or the entire organization — no need to be emailing files back and forth and keeping track of different versions. This makes it a great way to tap into the skills and expertise on your team.

And because everything is on the cloud, where your co-collaborators are won’t matter. You can still work seamlessly with one another, whether your peers are on different floors, in different states, or even in different countries. This means that if you’re discussing something with a client at their favorite cafe, you can easily create a document and share the information with your people back in the office. All your progress will be tracked and reflected as if you were physically together.

Enjoy real-time everything

Ideas can flow in real time with Microsoft 365’s syncing features and communication apps. You and your team can build plans and share ideas via chat and/or video conferencing on Teams. You can also write notes and comments on PowerPoint slides and Excel spreadsheets so that no detail is missed. Every bit of information is synced in the cloud as soon as it is posted, even if there are multiple users accessing the file at once. Therefore, everyone on your team can see in real time all the comments and suggestions they need to complete their tasks properly.

For instance, if you and several colleagues are crafting a pitch to a prospective client, you can pull up investment histories from Excel and collate the information you need. At the same time:

  • One peer designs the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Another peer configures spreadsheets to pull live stock data and metrics from online sources.
  • A superior oversees everyone’s progress, provides suggestions, and notifies specific people in the comments section so that every detail is accounted for.

All of this can happen simultaneously, making for efficient, speedy, and effective work.

Impress with seamless integrations and presentations

Microsoft 365 is designed as a cohesive environment, meaning all of its apps sync and integrate seamlessly with one another. No need to keep multiple browser tabs open at once during video presentations, as this is computer memory-intensive and can slow down virtual meetings with technical difficulties. You can simply keep Teams running and pull up spreadsheets, slideshows, and documents in the Teams interface alone.

Company-wide conferences are also a breeze, even if your workforce isn’t all in one place. You can easily schedule meetings and share calendars with everyone in the organization as well as with external stakeholders.

Boost your RIA practice’s productivity and collaboration today with Microsoft 365. Our technicians can deploy Microsoft 365 for your company with as little disruption as possible. Contact us today to learn more.