Should your RIA firm leave or stay with your MSP? Here’s how to decide

Most registered investment advisors (RIAs) and financial advisory firms look for outside suppliers for their IT support. By outsourcing their IT needs to the right managed IT services provider (MSP), they do not only get access to technologies that help them work better and more securely, but they also have more opportunities to grow their […]

How much should an RIA expect to pay for IT services nationwide?

Break/fix and managed IT services are essential in the world of business IT support, and the cost of these services can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. From how complex your IT environment is, to how unique your business demands are, to how many technology users you have — the list goes on. […]

Microsoft Teams: An indispensable unified communications and meeting solution for RIAs

Registered investment advisors (RIAs) and financial services firms are no strangers to the importance of communication and collaboration. After all, they are entrusted with the financial futures of their clients. That’s why any firm that is serious about providing high-quality advice and service to its clients needs to invest in a robust and reliable communications […]

A handy guide to keeping computers and mobile devices clean

Keeping work PCs and mobile devices clean not only encourages people to be more organized, but it also prevents glitches and downtime due to poorly maintained hardware. It also contributes to immaculate workspaces, which may positively affect employee morale. If you want your workstations and devices to look spick and span, here’s how to get […]

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365: Which productivity suite is better for RIAs?

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are the two most popular office suites in the market today. Both offer tools that tick all priority items on any RIA firm’s communications and productivity checklist: email, cloud storage, and file creation and sharing. These business productivity suites also come with advanced security and compliance features like two-factor authentication and archiving, which are crucial in […]

Social Media Phishing – SCAM OF THE MONTH

Ariel (10) was scrolling through the newsfeed of a photosharing app when she noticed a glam shot of her favorite influencer wearing cute new sneakers. She took a screenshot for her birthday list and then noticed a giveaway linked in the comments section. “Turn $20 into $200 and buy these shoes now! Make real money, […]

Box vs. SharePoint: Which is best for your RIA firm?

Many RIAs rely on one of the two leading content management software: Box and Microsoft SharePoint. Both are widely known for their powerful features, seamless integrations, and enhanced security. So which is best for your RIA firm? To help you select the best document management solution for your RIA firm, let’s take a look at […]