Why building security is also IT security – SCAM OF THE MONTH

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Felipe and Charlotte work together at a bustling financial firm. One Friday morning, Charlotte was running late. She was fumbling through her bag, looking for her key card but couldn’t find it. Just as Charlotte was about to give up, she saw Felipe scanning his card at the entrance. Charlotte called out to Felipe, and […]

Don’t take chances with old devices

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When you replace old computers or external drives, do you delete data and then just… get rid of them? You could be putting your sensitive data at risk.  A new study by a data recovery specialist shows that millions of deleted files can be recovered from improperly wiped hard drives that are sold online.  It’s […]

How AI can make your Teams meetings more productive

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Are you tired of wasting precious time in meetings, only to leave feeling confused and disorganized? Do you struggle to keep track of all the action items and follow-up tasks that come out of these meetings? Microsoft Teams has launched a new feature which could solve your problems and boost productivity. Meeting Recap is an […]

Is this the ultimate browser for business?

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It’ll come as no surprise, but Microsoft has yet more exciting news for us. Sometimes we wonder if they allow their employees to sleep! This time it’s a new browser aimed specifically at businesses: Edge for Business.  The updated browser has security and productivity features that are perfect for employers and their teams alike. Edge […]

Travel-related scams – SCAM OF THE MONTH

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Sam had been saving up for a long-awaited vacation. Once it came time to book his flight, Sam searched the web for the airline’s customer service number. He typed the number into his phone. When he called, an airline representative answered and helped Sam book his flight. All he had to do was give the […]

Fake emails – SCAM OF THE MONTH

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Natalia has been saving up to buy a house for years. The time has finally come. After looking online and touring houses in-person, she finally found the one for her. Soon after submitting her offer, she got the news it had been accepted! After her offer was accepted, Natalia received an email from a title […]

Sharing Files Using Your Microsoft Platform: Podcast

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In this podcast, the CEO of RIA WorkSpace, David Kakish talks about how they coach RIAs and financial advisor firms to use the Microsoft platform to share files with people outside the company. Many RIAs avoid Microsoft for sharing files because in the past it was a difficult process.  As a result, they often use […]

Data Loss Prevention for RIAs and Financial Advisors: Podcast

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Join David Kakish, the CEO of RIA WorkSpace, on this podcast about the importance of data loss prevention for Registered Investment Advisors and financial advisors. David highlights two major problems he has observed in the industry: Many RIAs are unaware that they already have data loss prevention capabilities through their Microsoft subscriptions Many RIAs instead […]

Celebrity endorsement scams – SCAM OF THE MONTH

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Rachel was looking for a new skincare product. She started searching the web and saw an ad for a skincare cream used by one of her favorite singers. Rachel was excited, she had just been to her concert and thought this skincare cream must be great if the singer was endorsing it. Rachel clicked on […]