Insider threats – SCAM OF THE MONTH

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Danny works in IT. He has been at his new job about three months. His company had been working hard to get him up to speed on all of the different platforms and tools they utilized. They provided Danny with a four-hour video that explained how to use these platforms. One of them was a […]

5 Reasons why you shouldn’t jailbreak your iPad

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While many iPad users enjoy their devices as standard, there are those who want non-App Store apps and modifications to their devices outside what Apple intended. In order to make these modifications, these people jailbreak their iPads. This article delves into jailbreaking and the five reasons why you shouldn’t. What is iPad jailbreaking? iPad jailbreaking, […]

Catfish scams – SCAM OF THE MONTH

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Nadine was scrolling through social media when a message appeared from a man named Mark. He said he was impressed with her art. Nadine thanked him. Mark’s account didn’t have many followers or pictures, but she was pulled in by his kind message and his model-like looks. They talked for weeks and eventually Nadine asked […]

The End of Virtual Desktops for RIAs.  RIA Tech Talk Episode #3

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In this episode of RIA Tech Talk, hosts Todd Darroca and David Kakish unravel the world of virtual desktops, exploring why this once-popular technology is becoming obsolete for RIAs. They delve into the challenges faced by RIAs using virtual desktop infrastructure, shedding light on video and audio latency, security concerns, and the pitfalls of doubling […]

Your Onboarding Team

Your Onboarding Team

Moving to a new managed IT services provider shouldn’t be a long, painful process RIA WorkSpace has dedicated professionals focused on onboarding you as a new client. You will be assigned a primary onboarding engineer who will be your primary point of contact during the onboarding process. They will hold your hand from A to […]

RIA WorkSpace Ends this RIA’s Quest for the Right IT Partner


Download PDF Case Study “I don’t want to think about IT.” That’s how this RIA defined a successful partnership with an IT services provider. Having worked with 2 different IT companies in 3 years before speaking with RIA WorkSpace, this RIA had some concerns about finding the right partner for their IT. As an RIA […]

From Frustration to Freedom: RIA WorkSpace’s Proactive IT Solutions for a Growing RIA


Download PDF Case Study This RIA has 13 employees across multiple locations and a growing number of remote workers.  The Director of Operations found herself overwhelmed with troubleshooting the IT needs of the firm and managing their IT provider. *Company name withheld for confidentiality. Before: Problems with their previous MSP This RIA was working with […]