The 7 Commonly Asked Questions


Welcome to our video.  We appreciate your interest and taking the time to learn more about us. In this video, we address seven of the most frequently asked questions to help you understand why we might be the right fit for your needs. How are we different? Many clients reach out to us because they […]

Ditch Your Onsite Server: A Simple Guide For RIAs – RIA Tech Talk Episode #10

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In this episode of the RIA Tech Talk Podcast, David talks about onsite servers and even though many RIAs still have them, they’re unnecessary and better solutions are out there. Listen To The Audio Read The Transcript What does your onsite server in your office do today? Servers today are largely used for files only. […]

Fake news websites – SCAM OF THE MONTH

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Max enjoys staying up to date with economic and business news. One morning, as Max scanned news stories online, a breaking headline popped up about a severe economic crash. The article was detailed and convincing, citing unnamed experts and confidential reports. It painted a grim picture of the days ahead, advising readers to divest from […]

Empowering a New RIA with Seamless IT Solutions

Case Study

Download PDF Case Study Establishing a new RIA presents both opportunities and challenges. For a budding RIA with ambitions to rapidly establish itself in the market, navigating the intricacies of IT infrastructure, security, and remote work enablement is paramount. This case study delves into the journey of a confidential new RIA, facing the complexities of […]

What Microsoft subscription should I get for my RIA? RIA Tech Talk Episode #9


Microsoft’s array of subscriptions can be overwhelming and lead to confusion for RIAs. Additionally, many RIAs are not fully utilizing Microsoft’s features, instead opting for third-party tools that may not be as effective.  In this episode, we talk about the differences and which one fits your firm best.  NOTE: While Microsoft’s subscription offerings may change […]

What’s The Best Document Storage Solution For My RIA? RIA Tech Talk Episode #8


In this episode of RIA Tech Talk, What’s The Best Document Storage Solution For My RIA? There are a lot of options for document storage and an online search will provide lots of reviews and recommendations. However, it’s important to consider the solution based on the specific needs of an RIA or financial advisor firm. […]

Does My RIA Need Onsite IT Support? RIA Tech Talk Episode #6

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Explore the world of RIA technology with insights from the RIA Tech Talk podcast by RIA Workspace. In this episode, Todd Darroca and David Kish discuss the relevance of onsite computer and IT support for RIAs. They delve into common assumptions about the necessity of onsite assistance, addressing misconceptions and shedding light on the shift […]

Understanding the role of cyber insurance

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The evolving cyberthreat landscape poses a significant risk to small businesses. Cybercriminals often target such businesses due to the valuable data they possess and possibly less advanced security measures. To protect themselves, small businesses often implement safeguards including firewalls, data backups, and ongoing cybersecurity training for employees. However, these solutions alone may not be sufficient […]