Single Sign-On Setup for RIAs

Give your RIA’s employees simple and secure access to all your apps and files with single sign-on

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Make logins quick, easy, and secure at all times

When it comes to RIA systems, being diligent about logins, password creation rules, and password change schedules is vital to avoiding data breaches. Unfortunately, many users struggle with this because it’s difficult for them to constantly create complex passwords that they can easily remember. These password struggles often result in productivity slowdowns and additional work for your employees.

End your team’s login woes without sacrificing security with RIA WorkSpace’s single sign-on (SSO) services. We’ll deploy a login system that will allow your RIAs and staff to securely gain access to multiple apps, services, and accounts using only one set of credentials. This will help you maintain system security, simplify your team’s login experience, and lighten your IT workload.

Simplify secure logins with RIA WorkSpace’s single sign-on setups

With single sign-on setup by RIA WorkSpace, you’ll be able to:

Frequently asked questions

Almost all internet-powered business apps today can be configured for single sign-on, but there are always exceptions. Simply contact us to ask about single sign-on for the apps your business uses.

If desired, they can choose to use SSO on any nonwork apps they use. For your work-related apps, however, it would be best if your RIAs use SSO for all of them.

We will set you or someone on your team up with admin privileges to conduct password resets for such cases.

Yes, you can easily activate multifactor authentication for your SSO setup.

Yes, it works even for remote teams.

RIA WorkSpace’s single sign-on partners:

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Simplify the sign-on process for your team

Do away with traditional login processes with RIA WorkSpace’s secure SSO solution