Email Encryption for RIAs

Protect your RIA’s sensitive emails with an email encryption solution

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Protect sensitive emails with encryption for your RIA

Business emails are sensitive communications, especially in the world of finance and wealth management. This is why it’s important for your RIA to beef up its email system with a tried-and-tested email security solution. Without one, you could face a multitude of risks, including data breaches, loss of private information, and reputational damage.

You can easily boost your email protection with RIA WorkSpace’s email encryption solution. This will reduce the chances of your emails being intercepted, hacked, or tampered with. Our email encryption solution will also raise your compliance profile and give you complete control over who can access messages and attachments. Give your RIAs and your clients peace of mind by partnering with us today.

Protect sensitive emails and client data with RIA WorkSpace’s email encryption solution

With robust email encryption from RIA WorkSpace, you’ll be able to:

Frequently asked questions

No, they can open the encrypted email with Outlook or any standard webmail service or email app.

The email will state that it is an encrypted message and will request the recipient to sign in using either a Microsoft account or a one-time password. They will only gain access to the message after signing in, provided that they are the intended recipient.

Yes, you can.

Yes, the entire email message and all attachments will be encrypted as well.

Yes, encrypted emails remain encrypted in the inbox and will require you to sign in or use a one-time password every time you wish to access it.

Get effective email encryption set up at your RIA

Gain peace of mind knowing sensitive emails and attachments are protected at all times