Email Archiving for RIAs

Archive your RIA’s emails to achieve and maintain compliance with strict finance industry regulations

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Compliant email archiving for your RIA

To achieve peak efficiency, it’s not enough to simply file old emails for future reference. Your RIA firm needs to store them in such a way that can be easily accessed for audits and other regulatory requirements. Without effective archiving, retrieving logs becomes a tedious and time-consuming process that significantly impacts your RIAs’ productivity.

Instead of manually organizing and archiving your emails, partner with RIA WorkSpace to implement a reliable email archiving system. We’ll ensure that your emails are securely stored, easily accessible, and compliant with relevant industry standards. With our archiving solution, your team will spend less time filing and searching and more time focusing on keeping your clients happy.

Simplify your workloads with RIA WorkSpace’s email archiving solution

With a tailored email archiving solution from RIA WorkSpace, you’ll be able to:

Frequently asked questions

Email archiving tools and features are already part of your Microsoft subscription, as well as RIA Workspace’s managed services packages. You can enjoy email archiving with no additional cost, and we’ll help you configure it properly to suit your needs.

No, it won’t. Your email will still be quick, secure, and easy to use.

RIA WorkSpace configures your Microsoft email archiving solution so access to archived emails is a breeze. You won’t need to navigate a maze of pages and toolbars to find the email you need. You can simply type in the search bar a keyword or phrase you’re looking for, and the system will automatically pull up all relevant emails.

Yes it is. Our email archiving solution specifically aims to keep up with the rigorous compliance standards of SEC Rule 17a-4(f). This means that your email archiving system will receive software updates to meet any changes or updates to the SEC email archiving standard.

Smarsh and Global Relay are both notorious for being too complex and unfriendly towards nontechnical users and an expensive addition to your IT budget. RIA WorkSpace’s email archiving solution is powered by Microsoft, ensuring depth of technical support and operational efficiency, plus a huge global community of users that can help make email archiving even simpler for all of your RIAs.

RIA WorkSpace’s email archiving partners:

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Get a compliant email archiving solution for your RIA

Ensure that all your emails are stored safely and securely without affecting access