Data Loss Prevention for RIAs and Financial Advisors

Keep sensitive information protected with robust data loss prevention tools from Microsoft

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Leverage powerful DLP tools to safeguard all of your valuable data

Data loss can be a significant pain point for RIAs and financial advisors. In an industry that heavily relies on sensitive data such as client personal information, investment strategies, and financial reports, data loss or breaches can cause severe reputational and financial damage. Not to mention the potential legal implications that come with mishandling confidential wealth management information.

Don’t take chances when it comes to data protection. RIA WorkSpace’s data loss prevention (DLP) solutions safeguards your RIA or financial advisory firm’s sensitive data and helps with IT compliance. Leveraging the robust security framework of Microsoft, our DLP solutions offer extensive protection against data breaches, unauthorized access, and accidental data loss.

Meticulously monitor and manage your data

With Microsoft DLP integrated into RIA WorkSpace’s services, you can:

Frequently asked questions

With Microsoft DLP integrated into RIA WorkSpace’s services, you can:

Microsoft DLP uses a combination of advanced technologies such as machine learning, keyword detection, and content analysis to scan and identify sensitive information. Once identified, the DLP policies can automatically be enforced to prevent data loss or unauthorized access.

Yes, you can specify which words or types of information to flag as sensitive and require protection.  We start with a list of common keywords that most RIAs want to secure and then customize based on your specific needs. 

No, DLP policies can be set up to run in the background without causing any changes to how your employees send messages. They will receive notifications or alerts only if a potential policy violation has occurred.

Yes, if set up and used correctly, Microsoft DLP can help your organization comply with SEC regulations related to data protection. RIA WorkSpace’s team can assist you in configuring DLP policies tailored to your specific compliance needs.

DLP setup is part of our standard packages.  Contact us for a personalized quote and to learn more about our pricing options.

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