Sharing Files Using Your Microsoft Platform: Podcast

In this podcast, the CEO of RIA WorkSpace, David Kakish talks about how they coach RIAs and financial advisor firms to use the Microsoft platform to share files with people outside the company.

Many RIAs avoid Microsoft for sharing files because in the past it was a difficult process.  As a result, they often use third-party tools for file sharing.  But, Microsoft has upped their game and its now easy, secure, and compliant to use SharePoint or OneDrive to share files. 

Here are the highlights of what we discuss on the podcast:

  • Microsoft’s integrated file folder system allows easy uploading and tracking of secure documents.
  • Accessing shared folders is simple and intuitive, even for non-tech-savvy users.
  • Security is a major concern, but Microsoft’s solution offers internal folders that are completely locked down and external folders that can be restricted to specific individuals or domains.
    • Access to files and folders can be limited, and permissions can be set to control viewing and downloading.
    • Expiration dates can be assigned to links for added security.
  • Microsoft’s solution is SEC and FINRa compliant.
  • RIAs can transition from third-party tools like Citrix or Dropbox to Microsoft without downtime or complexity.
    • The move to Microsoft maximizes existing subscriptions and streamlines file management.


How does SharePoint compare to the third-party app you’re using today

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All of our Managed IT packages include getting you set up to share files easily and securely using Microsoft.  We can help you reduce your costs from third-party apps and simplify how you collaborate.  Contact Us for a free quote. 

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