Look to Microsoft Defender for endpoint protection at your RIA

Look to Microsoft Defender for endpoint protection at your RIA

RIAs deal with such highly sensitive information that they cannot rely on just basic data protection for their network. Sensitive data requires advanced protection, which is why many RIAs are looking for reliable endpoint security solutions that won’t break the bank.

Endpoint security uses tools to protect data flowing between devices, computers, and external sources. Antivirus is one of the components of endpoint platforms that you might be familiar with.
Defender is Microsoft’s endpoint solution. It is dependable and well-integrated into the other Microsoft tools you use and secures your business data with the highest levels of protection at all times. Many RIAs are already using Defender as part of their Microsoft subscription.

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Here’s why you should consider Defender for your RIAs endpoint protection:

Best-of-breed in endpoint security

Top cybersecurity researcher Gartner named Microsoft Defender the 2021 leader in endpoint security because it achieved top marks in both completeness of security vision and ability to execute. Defender even outperformed some huge names in the cybersecurity arena such as McAfee, Trend Micro, VMware, and Broadcom/Symantec. Your RIA can rely on Defender to detect and stop advanced, real-world attacks including those from highly skilled threat groups that are known for using innovation, espionage, and stealth in attacking big financial institutions.

[img src=”https://riaworkspace.bypronto.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/748/2021/07/Magic-Quadrant-for-Endpoint-Protection-Platforms.png” alt=”Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms”]

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Multi-platform and multi-device use

Microsoft Defender is designed to help security professionals close security gaps for both macOS- and Linux-based servers. It also provides mobile threat defense in Android and iOS devices. Plus, Defender has features that can be used to secure unmanaged devices.

Here are some examples of how Defender protects against various threats:

Threat Defender Tools
Insufficient security on unmanaged devices that connect to your network. Remote tools for your IT provider to lock or deny access to unmanaged devices so that they can be given ample security updates before they are allowed network access.
Cyber attackers use low level malware-type attacks on computer firmware and chipsets to discreetly infiltrate your network. Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) scanning for advanced vulnerability management and tamper protection to ensure that the fundamental components of your computers, servers, and other devices remain uncompromised.
Employees use apps that are not approved or managed by your IT service provider (known as shadow IT) put your data at risk. Shadow IT discovery tools such as Defender’s Cloud Access Security Broker, acts as an intermediary between your users and your cloud service. This helps ensure that sensitive data stored in your cloud servers are not exposed to devices that are used in risky behavior such as shadow IT.

Microsoft recognizes the power of collaboration, which is why they made broad solution integrations simpler than ever for Defender. Given the highly sensitive nature of RIA data, RIAs should have this tool at their disposal.

Microsoft has also enabled integration for a growing number of security technology and managed services partners, so your RIAs will never lack the tools and support they need. It’s a great way to scale your security investments without having to acquire excessive amounts of resources and equipment.

Protect your information system from one end to the other with Microsoft Defender. Our experts at RIA Workspace can help you get started. Contact us today to learn more.