IT Security for Smaller RIAs: Military to Financial Planner Podcast

IT Security for Smaller RIAs Military to Financial Planner Podcast

Our President David Kakish joined the Military to Financial Planner Podcast to discuss IT security priorities for smaller RIAs. He shares tips on the core security building blocks for an RIA just starting out. When you’re a firm with 5 or fewer employees, you need a base level security not just to keep your data safe, but also for compliance. And you don’t have the big budgets of larger firms with dedicated security experts.

It’s a common misconception that if you’re a smaller RIAs, hackers aren’t interested in you. The truth is, as an RIA you have access to very valuable information about your clients. This is the kind of information hackers want. And if you’re security isn’t set up properly, you’re an easier target for them.

David shares his priorities for:

  • Securing your web-based apps like your CRM or Portfolio Management tools
  • Keeping the data in your files and folders secure
  • Setting up email security because email is one of the main ways hackers get in
  • Securing all the devices that access your network (also know as endpoints)


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