How to Work Remotely So You’re Productive and Secure

How to Work Remotely So You’re Productive and Secure
Dear Colleague,
Today you face unique and unprecedented challenges. COVID-19 has probably forced you and your employees to start working from home. Two of the biggest IT and technology challenges that your business faces during these times is how you and your employees can still be productive and secure while working from home. You want to be productive so you can still serve your clients and your customers. Yet, you also want to make sure you are secure. Working from home brings up all kinds of concerns especially as it relates to IT security.
There’s no shortage of articles and pundits covering this topic. The biggest problem is that they discuss these without thinking about realistic budgets and talk in theory. They don’t offer practical, real world tips that you can apply quickly in your business.
So we put together this short audio session that covers how you and your employees can be productive and secure when working from home. It’s not designed to be theoretical or pie in the sky kind of discussions. These are practical, real world tips that don’t cost a fortune and you can apply in your business pretty fast.
While we focus on IT and technology, we wanted to also include a link below for two other resources that cover this from an HR perspective that we think you’ll find helpful.
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David Kakish and the entire RIAWorkspace team
PS – If you want us to help with any of these tips we mentioned, just reach out to us and we’ll have a separate conversation so we can quickly help you apply this in your business.


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