Managed IT Services

Choose a service plan to reduce your total cost of IT ownership, and improve efficiency and productivity.

The goal of a service plan is to allow you to budget for your IT with a flat monthly fee and at the same time improve the reliability and performance of your IT systems. The idea is to serve all of your IT needs at a flat monthly fee and reduce your total cost of IT ownership.

Gold, Silver and Platinum Plans

RIA WorkSpace gives you the choice to pick a service plan that best fits your organization’s needs. All three plans include the same base inclusions of an assigned team, unlimited IT support and proactive monitoring. The main difference is explained below.

The Silver Plan includes unlimited telephone, email, and remote control support. The Silver Plan is designed for clients that are comfortable with remote support and may not require as many onsite visits. The Gold Plan is designed for clients that want complete IT coverage – remote and onsite- for one low monthly fee. The Gold Plan is by far the most commonly subscribed to plan. The Platinum Plan goes a step further and is designed for organizations that want to have all project work included. Other than these mentioned differences, all three service plans include the same level of unlimited IT service.

Managed IT Service Plans

  • Peace of Mind
  • Your Assigned Team
  • Increased Productivity
  • Predictable Lower Costs
  • Faster Resolution Times

Silver – Unlimited remote control, telephone and email support
Gold – Unlimited remote and onsite support
Platinum – Unlimited remote and onsite support. Also, includes all project work

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