RIA security quiz: how
secure are you

Most firms don’t take action on cybersecurity until its too
late. But a security breach could cost millions, drive away
clients, disrupt your business, and become a PR

    PRO TIP: If possible use Multi Factor Authentication to support your SSO framework

    PRO TIP: You need to define a security policy to ensure compliance and alignment to best practices. We can help you write one and get compliant.

    PRO TIP: We use Microsoft Cloud technology for a platform specifically built for RIAs. We’d be happy to show you how the system works. Request a demo.

    PRO TIP: You should have a comprehensive data and information protection solution. Our Cloud and Managed IT Platform for RIAs provides technology for both.

    PRO TIP: Updating systems on time and taking the practice seriously is paramount to the security of your environment. It sounds simple, but in enterprise and business environments there are a lot of factors at play that could delay even critical updates. Explore cloud options that run your application in an always up to date environment.

    PRO TIP: Define roles and responsibilities and look for technology that helps you deploy access controls to effectively manage authentication and authorization to resources.

    PRO TIP: Identify a vulnerability management service that has cloud and internal offerings for your network.

    PRO TIP: Consult with an antivirus vendor to obtain a comprehensive solution for all systems. Patch your systems and apps regularly to limit your risk. Be aware of zero-day potential risks by following vendor bug reports and awareness campaigns.

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Protect your RIA from unnecessary security risks

If your answers to this simple security quiz have raised concerns about cybersecurity, ask us about how our Cloud
and Managed IT Platform for RIAs delivers world-class security and simplified day-to-day operations.

Give your RIA the technology it needs to thrive. Request a demo now.