Why it’s time for your RIA to step up your
IT security game

How off-the-shelf IT services and support leaves your critical data and IT at risk

Your RIA might not have hundreds of employees, but you manage millions of dollars in assets for your clients. Its not good enough to have the kind of IT a typical business with 5, 10, or 25 employees has. RIAs like you need enterprise level security and IT systems to protect your clients and your business. The good news is, the “enterprise level” systems that used to only be accessible to bigger companies with big budgets are now also available to smaller firms like yours.

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In this podcast we discuss two fundamental problems we see with IT security at many RIAs:

  • Your IT provider might treat you like every other company with 5-25 employees. But you’re not and you need to demand higher standards to support the unique nature of RIAs.
  • Most RIAs are not using their Microsoft subscriptions to their full capacity. They don’t properly configure some of the important security features to meet their specific needs. Some even purchase third-party, sub-par tools to do what their Microsoft subscription could do if they had it set up properly.

Tune in to the podcast to hear David Kakish, president of RIA WorkSpace share insight into these common issues and how you can up your IT game.


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