Cloud Assessment

If your business is ready, migrating to a cloud-based IT model is a wise move toward decreased capital expenditure and increased ROI. RIA WorkSpace will provide a team to perform a Cloud Readiness Assessment of your company, covering three areas critical to success in migrating your IT function to the cloud: technical, business culture, and ROI.

Technical Discovery:

  • Current IT operations
  • Current IT infrastructure
  • Connectivity testing
  • Applications review

Business Culture Readiness:

  • Corporate priorities
  • Ability to embrace change
  • Readiness for shift in IT staff function

Anticipated ROI:

  • Current investment in IT
  • When you would realize ROI, how much, in which areas

Assessment Report and Recommendation:

Based upon the discovery and analysis, we will provide a detailed findings report including recommendation that your company is ready for cloud migration, is not ready for cloud migration, or is ready for a hybrid (partial) cloud migration.

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